Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas - perfect gifts for the cyclist you love

Sure it can be hard to buy a cycling appropriate gift for the cyclist who has everything, and it's tempting to just purchase a cycle shop gift card,but if you want the cycling enthusiast in your life to know that you care enough to learn about their passion, there are some things  a cycling enthusiast just can't have to many of. Tires need to be inflated before every ride so....
Right at the top of the list is a tire floor pump.  I personally own 4 of these currently, I have one in my truck, 2 in my shop and one in my cycling studio. 1 of the pumps in my shop is worn out, but I'm a bit of a pack rat and can't seem to bring myself to throw it away.  Besides,,, as you probably just figured out, pumps wear out.
Another item that cyclists will consume on a yearly basis and that is pretty generic, in regards that you don't need to know what kind/size of bike they have are tire repair stuff.  The only thing that you need to worry about is that the chuck they have will fit the CO2 cartridge.  Do they use threaded cans or not?  Easily solvable by just getting  them the whole kit!  You can't have to many of these,,,at least I can't because it seems that I am always loosing elements of it even with an underseat bag on each bike to safely store them in.  I currently own as many different CO2 delivery systems as there are stars in the sky.... well at least planets in the solar system.

Another item that I seem to have a plethora of, except when I need them are cycling caps.  Sure I know they look goofy when worn without a helmet, but on a rainy day they are a lifesaver to keep the rain out of your eyes.  On cold sunny days that visor and extra little bit of warmth goes a long way too.  Plus these little gems let people know that you are totally legit, when you use them in the proper way and can offer an explanation as to why they are special and helpful, while you sip our Americano at your fav java stop.

A lot of cyclists like to be able to look behind them to see what is going on without turning around, kind of like you do in a car when you look in a mirror, OMG it's a little cycling mirror that fits on your totally cycling specific eye protection or mounted right to your helmet.
If your cyclist wants to stay in shape through the winter Christmas might be the time to get them a trainer to help them keep the cold weather pounds off while they watch  Walking Dead every week, or for that Breaking Bad marathon over the holidays.  Right now is a great time to score a deal for you and give them something that will give them miles of enjoyment Nice Trainer to Buy - click here

I know I may be stretching it a bit here, but if you want your cyclist to never forget your gift, here are some choice items that I highly recommend by Gore!  I have a bunch of their gear and even though it is a bit pricey compared to some other brands, I have not only never regretted the expenditure, but when I bought cheaper (not cheap, just less expensive) the difference in the value for the money has always impressed me and at the end of the day, been a huge improvement on my cycling experience.

A cycling vest is always a nice addition for any rider who rides in changeable weather conditions.  Sure to keep the core warm while allowing the arms to breath freely, a great gift if the cost of a winter jacket is to salty for your budget.

Finally the perfect stocking stuffer is stockings!  Wool stockings to be precise!  Wool is breathable, the new blends are very comfortable and wool retains 95%  of it's insulating properties when wet, making it the perfect cold weather selection for all cyclists!!  I love my DeFeet Woolie Boolies and my smart wool! (smart wool gloves are awesome too, on or off the bike!)

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