Thursday, August 21, 2014

Share the Road, not the Lane - Part 2

What are the rights and duties of a cyclist?

I found this really instructive video about the Rights and Duties of a Cyclist and while they are saying the laws and rights apply nationally, I have not personally found this to be the case.  The good news is that this is fully in line with Indiana Law (again, we are a lot more bicycle friendly than we get credit for here in Indiana - but I will be posting about that as well.

While this is a YouTube video that was originally posted by The League of American Cyclists, I found it at a great local advocacy group.

Some things that I think this video illustrates very well, is that as cyclists we need to control the lane.  This means when it is not safe for motorists to pass, we don't allow this as an option.  It is totally with in our rights according to Indiana law.

That said, we can still be courteous and make room for a car to get by when it is safe to do so.  Some notable examples are
  • When on a 2 lane but the lane is really wide we can get to the right, but be sure to leave room if you are squeezed and don't forget to wave
  • shifting into a turn lane to allow traffic going straight to get clear.
  • Waving the traffic by when it is safe to pass
  • Waving as they pass to keep them at arms length and to be friendly, possibly diffusing some frustration.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you - watch for cars approaching from the back
  • acknowledge their presence
That's it for today, but I've got some more really great installments coming up!

Next time a real life story from someone that I know!

Keep those cards, letters and questions coming!

See you on the road soon I hope!


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